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About Snapology Jewelry

What is Snapology Jewelry?

Snapology is a direct sales jewelry company with a patent-pending, snap based jewelry line. Our interchangeable jewelry is extremely versatile and so easy to learn how to wear. The greatest thing about Snapology Jewelry is that once you learn all of the ways to wear one collection, every collection in our line can be worn the same way. There is no other product like it!

Where are you based?

Snapology is based in Fruitport, Michigan.

About Our Jewelry

Why is Snapology Jewelry so different?

Have you ever been to a jewelry party and they showed you 10 different ways to wear 10 different pieces of jewelry? Then you get home and can’t remember any of them. Snapology Jewelry is designed with you in mind. Our easy to snap together pieces are so simple to wear. You will never have to recall all of the tricks and twists that other jewelry requires. Learn how to wear our jewelry once, and you have mastered our entire collection.

Have I ever seen this jewelry before?

Snapology Jewelry is a brand new design that is patent-pending. This means that Snapology Designers are selling a product that no other jewelry company or retail store has.

What is the price range of the jewelry?

The average is around $26. Nothing in the line is over $50.

What are the shipping costs?

In the United States, shipping is charged at a flat rate of $5.95 no matter how large the order. All orders are shipped directly to the customer.

How soon do items ship once ordered online?

Orders are shipped from our warehouse to the customer within 48 hours of receipt and payment.

Where is the jewelry made?

Snapology uses a variety of materials and manufacturers from around the world. The jewelry is quality tested, stored and shipped out of the United States.

What is the Snapology jewelry made out of?

Snapology offers several jewelry styles which are made from a variety of different materials. Our earring hooks and posts are hypoallergenic. All of our jewelry is Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free.

What does limited lifetime warranty mean?

Snapology provides a limited warranty that covers any and all manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the piece. All Snapology products that fail due to manufacturing defects are eligible for a free exchange within 60 days after purchase. After 60 days, Snapology will exchange and replace the product with a new piece for only $6 plus tax. If the piece is no longer available, than a new piece maybe chosen for the same value.

Examples of a manufacturer defect:
Abnormal discoloration (beyond normal variations in stone)
Missing beads, stones or snaps
Links or rings not closed properly
Different from described lengths
Incomplete/irregular plating

About Our Business Opportunity

How can I get started?

To join Snapology, simply click “Join Now!” on your sponsor’s or the corporate website. From there, you can sign up to be part of our family and choose which kit you want to start with. When starting your Snapology business, it’s always a good idea to ask your upline for help!

What is the initial investment?

Designers have the opportunity to choose a kit that fits their budget. The starter packages is $149 and the Deluxe Kit is an additional $149.

Is there an annual renewal fee?

After the first year, Designers can choose to renew for only $99.

Will I have a website?

Every Designer who signs up with Snapology will receive their own personal replicated site. This website will allow customers to purchase Snapology products directly from you. Designers will also have a login where they can access online training, order products, register for company events, create invites/evites and more. Managing your business from your virtual office will be an essential asset for you to have. Websites are included in the starter package for the first month. After the 1st month it is only $9.95/month or $79.95/year.

How old do you have to be to sign up?

The required age to be a sole applicant is 18 years old.

Can I sign up with my spouse/sibling/children?

Designers are only allowed to sign up with their spouse or child under the age of 18.

How much can I earn at Snapology?

Profits on individual pieces are 40%. Designers also have the potential to earn team building commissions, advancement bonuses and additional incentives, as outlined in our compensation plan.

How and when are Independent Designers paid?

Retail commissions are paid when you make the sale and team commissions are paid monthly.

Are there sales quotas or minimum requirements to get paid?

There are NO quotas or minimums to get paid your retail commission. In order to receive your team commission you must sell $250 in monthly retail.

Do I need to register a company?

No, you can operate your business as a Snapology Designer as an individual. There is no need to register as a business entity.

How is this claimed on my income taxes?

All commissions earned will be included on the Designer's annual Form 1099.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

Snapology Jewelry has licenses with the government authorities to be able to collect sales taxes on behalf of our Designers in each state/province. When a Designer or customer purchases product from Snapology, they will pay sales tax on the amount for that purchase. Snapology will then remit these sales taxes to the applicable government agencies. Designers do not have to worry about registering for and paying sales taxes on their own.

What forms of payment will the company accept?

Snapology Jewelry accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What is the time commitment?

The Snapology opportunity is designed to be fun and flexible, allowing you to run your business at your convenience, on your own terms. Full-time or part-time, 5 hours per week or 40 hours per week – the time you put in is based on your financial desires, goals, and schedule. The commitment is totally up to you! We're dedicated to providing you with the tools and training you need to achieve your goals as a Designer, whether that’s making $300 or $3000 a month.

Is there training available?

Snapology offers many materials and methods of training including videos, live and recorded conference calls, emails, social media, in-person meetings, as well as national and regional events. The Home Office is always available to assist and answer questions. We are here for you!

Do I need to keep inventory?

There is no need for Designers to carry inventory. When an order is placed, our corporate headquarters will prepare your order and send the jewelry directly to the customer. When Designers enroll with Snapology, they will receive a few starter pieces of our jewelry. They also have the option to purchase the Deluxe Kit that includes a vast amount of jewelry, representing all of the current collections.

Where can I sell Snapology Jewelry?

Snapology Jewelry can be sold anywhere in the U.S., at home parties, trade shows, craft fairs, state/county fairs, to individuals or online through the Snapology personalized websites. Our jewelry may not be sold on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or any other online retail site. The pieces may not be sold for more than the full retail price listed by Snapology.

Is there a hostess rewards program?

We have an incredible hostess rewards program. Your Hostess can earn up to 30% in FREE jewelry! Our hostess program rewards the sales volume of the event, as well as the number of new events booked. The only cost to you is a set $10 fee for each Design Party. Snapology’s fabulous hostess program will help you grow a great business. Ladies will want to host a Design Party with you when they see how easy it is to earn an amazing amount of FREE jewelry!

Can our customers host online catalog parties?

Virtual parties are more than welcome!

If a new person joins my team using an online application, how will I be notified?

An email is sent to the sponsor once a new Designer has submitted their application and the payment has cleared.

Can we add International team members?

Currently, sponsoring is only allowed in the United States and all US Territories, including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and on US Military Bases.