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Get to know us!

It all started 23 years ago with a note from Heather that said, “Will you go out with me? Check yes or no”. I checked yes, and we have been together ever since. Heather has been able to be a stay-at-home mom to our 4 wonderful children because of our work in direct sales over the last 15 years. During that time, we not only supplemented our income, grew a very successful business, built amazing relationships, but learned valuable lessons that will make Snapology Jewelry “different”.

How will Snapology Jewelry be different?

We have learned that connecting with people and empowering families to dream is what we were called to do. It is what has driven us to create a company that puts others first; a company that’s goal is to enhance each life it touches, and help others achieve their goals and discover their true potential.

Being a part of our Snapology family means you will be part of something unique and special! We look forward to the friendships, trips, and fun that Snapology will provide for those that join us on this journey.

Our Core Values

FAITH - Being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we don't see. Our company is a biblically based, service oriented company.

FAMILY - We know that having a balanced life and getting to enjoy time with family is one of the keys to long term happiness. We are committed to providing you with an environment that fosters that priority.

FREEDOM -Personal and economic opportunity go hand in hand. You have the freedom to change your life by owning your own business. You will have the freedom to achieve financial success on your own terms and schedule. True freedom is being able to follow your dreams.